by Anton Evans

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Thanks to:
Carrie Armitage, George Glasco, Sandra Swannell, Martin and Janet Dailey Butler for lending their talents - Michael Carnes @ Exponential Audio for sublime spaces and moods [www.exponentialaudio.com] - Michael Lauritsch for opinions and feedback and Ron Eccles for kind permission granted on the use of his work, White Line Composition, for the cover image.


released October 31, 2017

George Glasco - Guitar solos on Mysteries, Sit Back and Outliers, speaking on A Haunting.

Carrie Armitage - Speaking on A Haunting and Outliers

Sandra Swannell - Violin solo on Outliers

Martin John Butler and Janet Dailey Butler - Speaking on Outliers

AE - All else

Engineered and Produced by Anton Evans
Mastered by Bob Olhsson @ Audio Mastery [www.audiomastery.com]

This is a Village Works Canada release.

Cover Art - © Ron Eccles - White Line Composition 2014


all rights reserved



Anton Evans Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: The Lasts
The Lasts

What's it like in summer
When the kids remember
What it's like to be carefree
With nothing hanging over me
The last day of the summer
The sun would shine, but dimmer
Wish I knew the day before
I would have caught a little more

We never know the last time
That might be the one chance that I had
To make you smile
Before you stepped into the wild

Before I read your story
I’d pick you up and we'd go say goodnight to everything
Be thankful for the joy they bring
Then one night you’re too old
Moving on as we all should
Wish I knew the night before
I would've held a little more

And when the rain does fall
Why not say fuck it all
And go outside
Feel the rain on skin
Let the moment in
And soak up life
Right before your eyes
Do you see the signs?
Now off to sleep

The first time I saw it
It pulled me in with wonder
All the people on the sleeve
Crying, "wont you look at me"
The needle danced it's magic
Injecting me with life blood
Took me to very core
Found what I was waiting for

Track Name: Mysteries

There's a mystery tonight
From the outside looking in
It's me and you
In the history of flight
No one's crashed and burned as hard as you

You solve mysteries in me
Words I can’t speak
When you’re in my head
You’re all I feel
Wisdom waterfalls
Flood this heatwave
Whispers on your breath
Words just too real

Start your history tonight
Knowing all that you know now
Who are you?
Past the end we’re alright
Crash and burn's just trash and learn
It's me and you

Saints that always love you
Stoic sends us true words
Ancient wisdom marries
Words we know to be real

Once the world was flat
Enter the garden of earthly delights
Kiss the ions just right
Look into the face of god
I see you

Track Name: A Haunting
A Haunting

This day in Walmart will prove to be
One that will stick around
He kneels beside the cardboard bailer
He screams but makes no sound

I’ve got the blood of six
No matter how much I wash it always sticks

I still see your face

Silent mourning
Its over and then

I held the handle that drove the car
The tracks lead to the black hole
The impact travels up your arm
It shoots into your soul

I’ve seen the eyes of six
They're the doorways to the shore of the River Styx

Then something snaps
Umbilical wraps
Hell falls into place
My mind is made up of dying faces

I spilled the blood of 6
No matter how much I wash it always sticks

Track Name: Sit Back
Sit Back

I saw fifty seven swans
Astonished silver on all but one
Though one of them is gone
The lonely lover carries on

We’re all getting cooked on the inside
So, sit back and enjoy the ride

No matter what you say
No matter what you do
Games are always being played
And its never up to you

A father tells his son
We need the weaponry, we need the guns
They’re not the same as us
Their saviour's different, he speaks in tongues
Wisdom from the son
I’m at peace with peace and at war with war
Show me any time
Where the darkest energies has helped us all

We're all getting fried on the outside
So, sit back and enjoy the ride

What if what you say
What if what you do
Takes away a little pain
Makes a better you

I got caned by nuns in grade school
Her hand was huge next to mine
All eyes fixed in fear on my face
I pulled my hand away in time
And the whip came down a second time
And in her eyes I see
For this 5-year-old the worst was yet to come

Its 1982
And all the gurus have missed the cue
Now its everywhere
No one saw it
Or even dared
What if miracles
Sing like music from our mouths
Like when I first saw you
You asked the question
I found the truth

We’re all getting baked on the topside
So, sit back and enjoy the ride

Track Name: Homecoming

This time it's all it should be
All roads give us the key
The next path takes a new day
The unknown not so strange

This is who we are
We just have to believe
Hold on with my love
Fate’s destiny

We shine when were alone
2 birds killing 1 stone
Take me to Stephen’s Gulch at noon
These things prove to be true

Track Name: Undo

I’m looking forward to never seeing you again
I’m looking forward to never hearing your bullshit
No more insanity spitting venom from your breath
I'll cut the hatred stupidity from my wealth

No more my guts in a knot
No more adrenaline shot
Feel the hate you’re amassing
I’m so ready for what’s in store

I wish that I could undo all the damage that you've done
For everything you’ve put me through
I wish you all that’s gonna come

The pastor of Muppets
Is the master of puppets
Divide and conquer is the path to power on this day
How can they make such a bad choice given all they know?
This ego maniac will fuck you for a drop of oil

No more poisoning tar sands
No more right-wing hand stands
No more out of the UN
You're resting on laurels of who came before

I wish that I could undo all the damage that you've done
If you could see your IQ you'd say
Someone stupid this way comes
I wish that I could undo
All the pain and all it does
For everything you’ve put me through
I wish you all that’s gonna come

Thrill me
Stick the needle in
Shoots adrenaline

Your little fingers grab the quicksand of ignorance
Too small to hold yourself up against common sense
You're giving power to people and ideas you fear
Outstanding backfire from your karma is all you'll hear

You’re like a stunning concussion
That lasts forever until
Suicide by Russia
The fog lifts in colour and brings you to tears

Track Name: Outliers

I saw some silver in your hair
You turned around and looked right through me
You’ll be so beautiful when we’re old
This flickering moonlight scoffs at plans
Takes its time among the sands
Soaked up tears and platelets of the ones that cared

What does the outlier see?

Something to shake off all your fears
Like light in your head room
Someone who knows why you cry tears
That light up your dark truth

The mind's eye sees and plans
Eloquent oratory sways the sands
Swirling dervishes stop on 2 pins of light
Such little interest paid the truth
Pay the viper
Feed their youth
Hear them crying that you just don’t care

What does the outlier see?
What does the outlier hear?
What does the outlier feel?

Something to shake off all your fears
Like light in your head room
Someone who knows why you cry tears
That light up your dark truth
Sometimes the actors go too far
And ruin the picture
Some say it's holding in the stars
A drop in the fissure

Something's moving, something's dark
We know and live that we stop and start
Sing to whispered lying
Show that we do care
About this freedom under rule
Measure their wisdom
Know the fool
Truth is golden leaves falling to the ground

I saw some silver in your hair
You turned around and looked right through me
And in the darkness shone and knew me
I'll meet you at Steve’s on the 10th
You’ll be so beautiful when were old

Track Name: The Firsts
The Firsts

First is always best
Until it turns out for the worst
Like being first in line
For that coaster that flies off the rails
First light of the sun
Spears through the night and the darkness
Changes what we see
Shows us everything that just might be

When your stars fall from the sky
Like the air you breathe
I’ll always be there
Let’s haunt this place a little while
In the air they breathe
We’ll always be there

You say I don’t know
The person that you have become
But what you can’t see
I’ve seen everything that you can be
First time that I knew
You held his head in your strong hands
Looked into his eyes
Let him know it's gonna be alright

Had this crazy dream
My head had its own interface
Plugged into the sky
I heard angels sing as they flew by
Plugged into the ground
Felt everything I could touch
First in this whole scene
You were with me as we shared the dream


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